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simple, elegant, reliable

All of our solutions provide tight integration with Microsoft Teams Room, Zoom Room, and other leading videoconference services.  This level of interoperability provides a familiar user experience but with room-based tools so people can focus on the meetings and not the technology.

Personal Systems

A videoconference device optimized for the use in a hybrid working environment.  Eliminate the clutter and nest of cables on the desk.  These devices pack powerful technology into an all in one compact and convenient meeting device that enables you to free up your computer for other tasks. 

Zoom Room - Teams Room Personal videoconference device

Focus Rooms

Focus rooms provide a space that allows employees to touch down and relax or to work in a more private setting.  By enabling these spaces with videoconference devices, remote colleagues can participate with full multi-media content.  These solutions provide simple to use systems that can scale throughout an organization.  

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Small Conference Room

From huddle spaces to casual meeting rooms, the hybrid work environment still requires small teams to collaborate, share ideas, and meet face to face.  These Zoom Room / Teams Room systems are designed to support the small group environment with right-sized displays, wide view cameras, and wireless audio.

Small Conf Rm - Compressed.png

Medium Conference Room

Designed for teams or formal presentations, these solutions accommodate a wide variety of room layouts and sizes.  Each package provide participants with a larger display (or multiple displays), room audio systems, and cameras that can easily capture  participants wherever they may sit.  Simple to use for both video, audio, and presentations, these are the most flexible and adaptable Zoom Room / Teams Room solutions.

Medium Room.png

Large Conference Room / Boardroom

Boardrooms, training rooms, and large meeting spaces don't need to be complex or expensive.  These simple, elegant, and easy to use solutions look and sound professional for high-level and mission critical meetings.  These videoconference packages provide a variety of options to accommodate any size room, but focus on ease of use and reliability.

Large Conf Rm - Compressed.png

OmniPresence Conference Rooms

Bring work teams together in an immersive video conferencing experiences. The OmniPresence Series brings together hybrid work teams, customers, and partners for a more personal and engaging experience. 

TP room - Just room clips-2.gif

Interactive Monitor

These solutions provide a complete meeting room package in a simple and elegant all-in-one device. With an immersive multi-touch screen, powerful audio system and versatile wide-angle camera, these packages give you a collaboration experience beyond a videoconference and wireless content sharing by enabling annotations and whiteboarding.  Further, because the systems ship as a single unit, these systems are built for mass deployment.

Zoom Room - Teams Room Interactive Monitor videoconference system
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