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Empty  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference


We offer a variety of components to enable a frictionless virtual meeting experience

edge frame

Edge Frame Samples.gif

We bring a creative approach with products that complement the design of the room - not distract from it.

We work closely with our clients, architects, and interior designers to create solutions that deliver on performance and aesthetics that can be customezied to suit the unique needs of any room.

Center Camera  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference
center table -  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference
Logi - Center -  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

second cameras

A second camera can pair with the primary camera to frame people in the videoconference face-on, ensuring remote participants remain at the center of the conversation by clearly seeing and hearing everyone for complete meeting equity. It's simple to set up, can be positioned anywhere for optimal viewing and audio

enhanced audio

For larger rooms, an expanded audio system is required.  With options from table and ceiling microphones to advanced microphone arrays, any room size can be covered with simple add-on solutions.

 Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference - Microphone - table-ceiling-array
Pulse - Live Status for Zoom Room Teams Room videoconference

management / monitoring tools

Control all your devices via an incredibly simple yet powerful, intuitive user interface. Configure, maintain and update them from anywhere as if you are in the room

wall scheduler

A touchpanel wall scheduler outside the meeting room provides for optimal room management. It integrates with your calendaring tool and it lets you instantly book the room from the panel itself.  The integrated LED indicators show room availability at a glance, even from down a corridor.

Wall Scheduler for  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference
Whiteboard -  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

electronic whiteboard

Effortlessly share whiteboards into video meetings with an AI-powered whiteboard camera for Microsoft Teams Room, Zoom Room, and other leading videoconference services.  With built-in AI and a custom lens, broadcast whiteboard content into video meetings with outstanding clarity.  Using a transparency effect, participants can see “through” the presenter for an unobstructed view of the whiteboard.  Now, even remote participants can have the best seat at the table

mobile cart

For added mobility, any of the Zoom Room / Teams Room packages can be made mobile with the addition of a cart to the configuration.  Carts will support up to two monitors as large as 86" each.

Heckler Cart for  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference
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