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Microphone Neat Bar for  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

Enhanced Audio

Enhance coverage in a room without being complex or expensive

The microphones and speakers included in the Zoom Room / Teams Room packages will provide excellent acoustics for most spaces.  For large boardrooms, training rooms, and event spaces an enhanced audio system is needed.  These add-ons do not need to be complex or expensive to be highly effective.

table microphones

Thanks to the union of advanced technology and robust build quality, mic pods deliver both remarkable range and exquisite sensitivity.  Individual pods contain multiple beamforming elements to capture speech, not distractions. In larger rooms, deploy additional mic pods to extend the beamforming mic matrix throughout the room.  While ordinary microphones pick up any sound, these mic pods hear voices. With technologies to auto-level voices, suppress noise, and cancel echo, conversations feel remarkably lively and natural.

MicPod for  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

ceiling microphones

Ceiling Array - people in  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

These microphones can be easily mounted on the ceiling of your videoconference room. With multiple beam settings to choose from, Ceiling enables you to create the perfect high quality coverage for every meeting room.  The audio fencing option completely removes outside noise and unwanted distractions to keep the focus on what’s important, picking up everyone in the room perfectly.

Ceiling Mic breakout -  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

microphone arrays

Microphone Array Bars includes both the speakers and microphones for larger rooms.  They fill the room with thousands of virtual microphones so people’s voices are picked up everywhere.  With these virtual microphones filling your space, there’s always one nearby. People can speak and act naturally in Zoom Room / Teams Room meetings and classes and be confident they will be heard by those who are remote.

Microphone Array - blow up of bar for  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference
Table mic - people in  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference
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