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30-Day Trials

There is no better validation of the videoconference solution than to test with your team, using your tools, in your environment.  River Systems offers on-site trials of Zoom Room and Teams Room systems so your organization can be certain your making the right decision.  There is no obligation to purchase and you receive full support from our team to ensure a success test and evaluation of the solutions.

consulting on  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

Step 1 - Consult

Before you begin testing, let's have a conversation around your applications and requirements and select the right solution together.  

Shipping  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

Step 2 - Ship

Now we are ready to select trial dates and location.  The equipment that arrives are the actual systems that will be implemented and are pre-configured for your Zoom or MS Teams environment.

Testing  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

Step 3 - Test

Your staff and employees can use the system for meetings and conferences to test in your real world environment.  If the systems do not meet expectations, we can swap systems and try alternate solutions, or return the equipment at no cost.

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