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Key Features of  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference


Our packages offer a wide range of features to support existing workflows, multimedia, and UC platforms.  What follows are key features available and unique to our solutions.

gallery view

This powerful feature takes a single camera view and uses AI to transform it into multiple video streams for each participant in a videoconference room, enhancing the face-to-face meeting experience.  
The aim is to focus more closely on groups of participants in a meeting and display these people more clearly to remote attendees, ensuring equity and inclusion for remote Zoom Room / Teams Room meeting attendee

auto framing

See everyone in every seat at the table—perfectly framed with auto framing, a camera control technology that automatically moves the lens and adjusts the zoom so no one gets left out of the picture. Auto Framing ensures that videoconference participants are always in view and optimally pictured on-screen. With Auto Framing seamlessly at work in the background, conversations and eye contact are as easy and natural as sitting together in the same room

autoframe automation -  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

wireless content sharing

Share presentations exactly the way you want, whether it’s from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. From the moment you walk into a Zoom Room / Teams Room, wireless sharing lets you connect with a quick touch, requiring no special apps or cables. Connect to any monitor and stream content and collaborate through screen sharing, whiteboarding, and annotating. And just imagine every meeting room, huddle space and social area transforming into a creative multimedia.

calendar integration

When a calendar resource is integrated with a conference room, the room’s TV display, controller, and Scheduling Display show the meetings scheduled for the room. Members of your organization can schedule a meeting in a conference room by inviting the room to the meeting. Conference rooms are assigned as a calendar resource through a calendar service. Authorizing the room to have access to calendar resources enables users to start and join Zoom Room / Teams Room meetings in the room using one touch

Calendar Integration -  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference

uc cloud services

We continue to raise the bar for video collaboration, and set new standards for the industry. We combine agility and innovation with decades of insight making best-in-class video solutions, with a persistent focus on affordability for customers without tradeoffs in quality. 
Transform any space into a Zoom Room, Teams Room, or Google Room with one-touch join, wired and wireless content sharing, and easy to use control panels. Our Zoom, MS Teams, and Google Room videoconference solutions are available in small, medium, or large configurations with accessories to suit each space

Zoom Room - Teams Room - Google - web video.gif
Wireless Sharing -  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference
Symmetry -  Zoom Room - Teams Room videoconference
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