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Bring work teams together in an immersive video conferencing experiences. The OmniPresence Series brings together hybrid work teams, customers, and partners for a more personal and engaging experience. 

simple, elegant, reliable


This inclusive meeting layout designed to foster a deeper connection between in-person and virtual meeting participants. It maximizes screen real estate, allowing you to see people, content, and chat simultaneously. The layout positions the video gallery at the bottom of the screen, placing remote attendees at eye level, similar to if they were in the same room. 

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OMNI-1000, 2000, & 3000

Our suite of solutions provide the highest level of interaction that enhances collaboration with sophisticated and improved fidelity of both sight and sound compared to traditional videoconferencing.  Select from single, dual, or triple display packages that integrate into your communication ecosystem for interoperability with conference rooms and hybrid participants on mobile phones and PC's.

Integrated AI

Making virtual meetings feel almost as real as meeting face-to-face, By combining advanced AI with a high-resolution sensor to detect everyone in the room, the camera zooms in to individually pinpoint and auto frame each person, then presents them up close on remote participants screens like never before.

Using the camera's AI, a virtual boundary defines your meeting space around the table so the camera will avoid detecting, auto framing and following people that aren’t part of your meeting.

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Advanced Audio

 Audio plays a crucial role in improving the user experience. With options for table, ceiling, or sound bar microphone arrays, we create an immersive audio experiences by capturing sound in a way that mimics human hearing, filters out ambient noise, and ensures an ideal for environment where clear audio is essential.

Professional Touch

Aesthetically pleasing meeting spaces reflect an organization's professionalism and attention to detail. 

We take great effort to integrate the technology into the aesthetics' of the room and conceal the electronics using custom mounts and frames.


Through our partnership with Paul Downs, we offer premium tables that integrate with the technology and compliment our client's image.

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