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Customer Profile

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (IPLA) needed to provide the public access to their hearings through video streaming.  However, like most hearing rooms, the capability and tools were not in place.  With a limited staff, IPLA needed a solution that would not require a crew to setup and operate.  The video streaming needed to be easy to use, reliable, and automated to run ‘hands-free’ so the commissioners and attendees could focus on the hearing and not the technology.

River Systems created a solution that was designed to be as simple as possible using AI automation.  The video stream of the hearings would be launched from the single touch of the control panel.  At that point, the cameras would automatically switch and zoom in on whoever was speaking, audio was captured through table microphones, and presentations were shared on the displays and to remote participants simultaneously.  The result is a hearing room that functioned on it’s own without intervention by the committee.

IPLA Hearing Room - Website video.gif
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