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media presentation system

The Media Presentation System cart is also designed with built-in speakers for stand-alone playback, but can be routed to your room’s public address speakers as well.  Visual media is easily displayed via a laptop or desktop connection making it a true plug-and-play experience. Display images over projectors or flat screen monitors from a variety of devices, including portable media devices. Then, annotate those images while on-screen with the system’s touchscreen capabilities.  Everything displayed during your recording will be preserved.

management tools

Wherever a verbatim record is needed, we bring high resolution and custom scaling to all user interfaces. From confidence monitoring to on-screen visual indicators for all audio connections we provide information about all your audio and video sources through the same interface used for your logging and indexing needs. Customizable mode creation makes routing and muting AV around your room as easy as the press of a button.

hearing room packages

Multi-media presentation just got easier with this comprehensive solution. The Hearing Room Package houses all the tools necessary to present digital media throughout the room from one centralized station.  Our hearing room packages will provide you with a verbatim, multi-channel audio (and video) recording including meeting details, notes and digital documents associated with the recording.

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